21-23 October 2016
US/Eastern timezone
The CoSMS Workshop on Naturalness centers on Theoretical and Experimental constraints on Naturalness. This has been the main driver for physics beyond the Standard Model for many years, but the next few years are expected to be especially informative in this regard. Target audience: Researchers, Postdocs and Students interested in topics connected with fundamental theory, cosmology, and particle physics. Speakers Include: Bobby Acharya (King's College) Nathaniel Craig (UCSB) Jiji Fan (Brown) Gerald Gabrielse (Harvard) Andy Haas (NYU) Richard Gaitskell (Brown) Yasunori Nomura (UC Berkeley) Albert de Roeck (CERN) Gianpaolo Carosi (LLNL) Ben Safdi (MIT) Gary Shiu (Wisconsin) Lecturers for the 1 day school: Brent Nelson (Northeastern) Chris Rogan (Harvard) Scott Watson (Syracuse) Scientific Advisory Committee: Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS) Mirjam Cvetic (UPenn) Melissa Franklin (Harvard) Joseph Incandela (UCSB) Liam McAllister (Cornell) Brent Nelson (Northeastern) Herman Verlinde (Princeton) John Wilkerson (UNC-CH) Organizers: Michael Dine (UCSC) Jonathan Heckman (UNC-CH) Gordon Kane (UMich) Local Organizing Committee: Ayana Arce (Duke) Louise Dolan (UNC-CH) Charles Evans (UNC-CH) Reyco Henning (UNC-CH) Paul R. Huffman (NC State) Jack Ng (UNC-CH) Ronen Plesser (Duke) Mithat Ünsal (NC State)
Chapman Hall, Room 125
205 S Columbia St Chapel Hill, NC 27514

These events will take place in 125 Chapman Hall on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Chapman Hall, Room 125

205 S Columbia St

Chapel Hill, NC 27514


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