19-23 June 2017
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy and the CoSMS Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
US/Eastern timezone

Participant List

51 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Aaron Zimmerman CITA
Adam Pound University of Southampton
Adrian Ottewill University College Dublin
Alexandre LE TIEC Observatoire de Paris
Andrea Taracchini Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
Anna Heffernan University of Florida
Barry Wardell University College Dublin
Bernard Schutz Cardiff University and AEI
Bernard Whiting University of Florida
Carlos Lousto Rochester Institute of Technology
Chad Galley Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Charles Evans University of North Carolina
Chris Clemens UNC Chapel Hill
Christian Iliadis UNC-CH
Christopher Munna University of North Carolina
David Brown North Carolina State University
Dillon Morse UNC
Dinesh Singh University of Regina
Gabe Perez-Giz NSF
Hector Chen University of Florida
Huan Yang Princeton University
Jezreel Castillo National Institute of Physics
Joe Marincel UNC - Chapel Hill
John Wilkerson University of North Carolina
Jonathan Gair University of Edinburgh
Jonathan Thompson University of Florida
Jonathan Thornburg Indiana University, Astronomy Dept
Jordan Moxon Cornell University
Joseph Rudmin James Madison University
Justin Vines Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
Karl Simon Revelar National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines
Karna Morey NCSSM
Kei Yamada Kyoto University
Kyle Slinker Univeristy of North Carolina
Leor Barack University of Southampton
M. F. Ian Vega University of the Philippines -- Diliman
Maarten van de Meent Albert Einstein Institute
Marc Casals Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF)
Martin Gibson Retired
Niels Warburton University College Dublin
Paul Anderson Wake Forest University
Peter Diener Louisiana State University
Richard Dudley Wake Forest University
Seth Hopper Instituto Superior Técnico
Steven Christensen University of North Carolina
Steven Dorsher Louisiana State University
Thomas Osburn Emory University, Oxford College
Yota Watanabe Univ. of Tokyo, Kavli IPMU, Kyoto Univ.
Zach Nasipak The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Zachary Mark Caltech
Zaf Jagoo UNC - Chapel Hill
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